Monthly Budget

Susu  Box Hi Folks! It's been a roller coaster week and I hope you all had a good one despite the pressure. lol So does anyone have a monthly budget or we just spend without planning a budget. I for instance do not even plan for a monthly budget. When I have my money voila … Continue reading Monthly Budget

The Coin Episode 5: The talk

Yaw was so speechless after the last statement Jennifer made. Did she say love you? Was Jennifer falling for him already. Yaw still gazed at his phone. He was lost in his thoughts, he was wondering what the last statement really meant. Ah well! he thought to himself. Katakyie, Katakyie, Food is ready Yes mummy; … Continue reading The Coin Episode 5: The talk

Ep 4: The Coin: Temptation

Hello guys! Sorry for posting this late. Had a very tight week. Sit down relax and enjoy Kelvin had stepped out briefly for an urgent call, so Sharon was left alone in the room. She quickly slipped out of her attire and lay half naked on the bed waiting for Kelvin. She wanted to trap … Continue reading Ep 4: The Coin: Temptation

Ep: 3 The Coin: The surprise visit

Apparently, Sharon happened to be Kelvin's senior at the university, but since they were in the same department, they knew each other.Kelvin's surprise visit from Sharon made him a bit perplexed. He opened the door and was stunned by Sharon's beauty. She was in a red velvet dress with bright blue shoes, her body fragrance … Continue reading Ep: 3 The Coin: The surprise visit

The Coin Episode 2

Hello guys hope we had a blessed and fulfilling week. Sorry for bringing in this episode late. Had a few things here and there. Anyway, sit back relax and enjoy this episode 🙂 The following week was Interim Assessment week for all students at the University of Ghana. Lots of students flooded the Balm Library … Continue reading The Coin Episode 2

The Coin

Hello guys! Happy new year once again. I hope we are doing great with school, work, business etc. So I decided to start this series. This is actually my first time writing a story like this 🙂 Shout out to all my readers who use their precious time to read my blog. Don't forget to … Continue reading The Coin

27 days more!!

Hello There Hope you had a spirit filled day .despite the frustrating traffic jam and the ups and downs your day was fulfilled and blessed. Christmas is finally approaching, 2018 flew  fast like Usain Bolt. I remember when I was at the watched night service with my family declaring and praying about the year I know … Continue reading 27 days more!!