Monthly Budget

Susu  Box Hi Folks! It's been a roller coaster week and I hope you all had a good one despite the pressure. lol So does anyone have a monthly budget or we just spend without planning a budget. I for instance do not even plan for a monthly budget. When I have my money voila … Continue reading Monthly Budget

Chitchat with the parents

Hello guys, hope you're enjoying the weekend. So in the previous episode Yaw proposed to Jennifer. Sit back, relax and enjoy this episode. Jennifer and Yaw were enjoying their new relationship. They literally did everything together, went on dates, cooked together, worked out together etc, except the golden rule; not to have sex before marriage. … Continue reading Chitchat with the parents

Episode 6: The Coin- Final year saga

After a long break, I am continuing from where I stopped. Happy Reading 🙂 The Opare-Marfo's arrived at the restaurant on time. The plush restaurant located at Cantonments was the Opare-Marfo's favourite place to hangout and have time as a family. The family made themselves comfortable when they were ushered in. The head waiter brought … Continue reading Episode 6: The Coin- Final year saga